Wednesday, December 3, 2008

R30. lmao

HAY GUIZE.R30 UPDATE. Simple But Nice (:Well Yahh Bish.  I Added A Shit Load Of Stuff Since The Last Update (:
Things Donee:
New HeadLights
Edited Tailights
Fixed Rear Bumper
Hood More Longer So It Shows Half The Grill
New Grill Texture
New Shifter Knob.
New Seats YAY:D!
New Engine And Texture
New Exhaust(: Credits. :p
New Mirrors 
REEDITED. The FRont R30 Bumper 
Modeled Some Cig's. THough I Dont Smoke, ITs Extra x] 
Took Off Plate[Soooner, Will Make Scratch Plate :p]

Now Pix. :@!

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