Thursday, August 21, 2008

Soupy Updatez : o!!

Yeah Peoplez New Updates On The Supra :O
What I Have Done ; o
New Textures On Lights, Front and Back.
New Retextured Interior. (Again)
New Gauges (Textured)
New Wheels From The CRT Team Cars :o
Bl3w Engine :D (Thankies2Bl3w)
Monochromes Light Signals And Brake Signals

Yep Just A Start : o

Just One Problem. The Back Of The Front Wheels Seem Not Textured But In Zmod There Fine. :o!

K Thx Bai :O!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


2nd to last one is not. HDR. i was just being a retarded person.
Some Hdr/Enb Pics Because Im Bored :D

Monday, August 18, 2008

Supra Soup Soup Soup ;o

Hay Guyz. :o I Have Came Up With A New Supra :O.
I Pretty Much Think Its Ok, Since Its Not A Ricer Nor Has Drastic Changes.
But If Your Dying To Know, Heres What I Did xD

New Wheels

Complete New Textures (Besides Seats)

New Writing For Trunk

New Exhaust

Edited From Bumper

Removed Emblems

Moved Light Dummy's

Edited Engine Texture

New Light Texture

Edited Back Bumper( I Think LOL)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Coming Soon. Evo 6 ;p

Dont Mind Some Textures. And Thats A Stock Bumper Fyi. lol

[__FD__]Xenon, Ahhh. How Gai. :D

As You Can See Were Dealing With A Complete Shit head This Time.
His Name Is Xenon,
I Bet He's Probably The Most Fob Person, Because If Your Arguing With Him Someone Must Translate, How GAYYYYY. :D
It First Started Out I Was Showing My Friend Gizzy, My Line I Made,
I Was Gonna Give It To Him Then Xenon Pops Out Of No Where And Ask's, Hey Dude
I Want The Line To, SEND ME IT NAO.
I Was Like, I Dont Know You, No Wai Duude.
So A Bit Later When Me And Gizzy Were Racing,
And Out Of The Blue, Xenon, says "Grip Is Gay Ass Hole Because He Dont Send Me Line"
I Mean, WTH, Just Because I Dont Send A Line To You, Im Gay?
Well, Damn, How Messed Up You And The World Are,
So Then We Started To Argue But My Friend Gizzy Had To Translate His Gay No Meaning Words To Me. How Gay. He Was Like Me And Gizzy Are Gay, And Im DK Because Im The Best
At Drifting. NO. Your Not. If U Were U Wouldnt Care About Lines Or Asking For Mine Because If U Think Your A DK You dont Need A Fucknig Fancy Ass Line For Your Needing,
So Why Dont U Make Your Own, But U cant, U Dont KNow How. How Bout. FUCKING LEARN.
Your Such A Methodicalness Homo. You Cant Even Understand Or Speak Good English.
Then. This Ass Hole Makes Fun Of rKc :O! He Was Like rKc.....*blehbleh something in his language*

Here. A Pic Of Are F.O.B conversation. eww,

So Ya. You Can See Him saying Something About rKc. Man
If U Guys Hate Him To :D. Feel Free To Format His Computer Or Hack This 5 Yr Old.

Benz :O!!

Hay Peepole. I Just Was Bored And Decided To Do A New Mod. Just To You Know, Make A Little Anti Rice.

New Things:
New Rims
New Textured Engine And Tailights
Removed Emblems.

Yah haha. Not Much. But This Will BE Updated from Time To Time

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

rKc :D!

Yah, My Friend Bl3w Has Made A Clan To Try To Stop The Ricing, A Clan rCk. ;D.

Yo Dude Check Out My Vette, New Red PJ And Some 4'' Inch Wheels I Love Em
Look At This 4 Ft High Spoiler, Nice Right?" NOOOOOOOOOOO,

"Yah Man, Check This Out Man, Im Marko, Check Out My Fucking Paint Job On My Dodge Challenger All Flashy And Black And Aqua, Look At These 40'' Inch Rims Ya Digg?
Check These Fly Aluminum Wing. It Flys Man, I Retextured The Interior Black, All Ghetto You Know? Check Out This New Stretched Bumper, Nice Right?" NO. Its Not. Nao Go And Suck A Cock Bitch,

So Yah Were Trying To Get Fuck Tards To Stop Ricing GTA, *COUGH COUGH* FUCKING MARKO.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Laaal. :D

I Forgot. Heres The Dl Link For The R32. Dont Forget To Make It Colored White!!


AzuManga Dioh Anime PJ, R32.


AzuMangaDioh Pj For R32,
No Wai! :D ^

Picturez0rs By Meh. :D----------