Wednesday, August 13, 2008

rKc :D!

Yah, My Friend Bl3w Has Made A Clan To Try To Stop The Ricing, A Clan rCk. ;D.

Yo Dude Check Out My Vette, New Red PJ And Some 4'' Inch Wheels I Love Em
Look At This 4 Ft High Spoiler, Nice Right?" NOOOOOOOOOOO,

"Yah Man, Check This Out Man, Im Marko, Check Out My Fucking Paint Job On My Dodge Challenger All Flashy And Black And Aqua, Look At These 40'' Inch Rims Ya Digg?
Check These Fly Aluminum Wing. It Flys Man, I Retextured The Interior Black, All Ghetto You Know? Check Out This New Stretched Bumper, Nice Right?" NO. Its Not. Nao Go And Suck A Cock Bitch,

So Yah Were Trying To Get Fuck Tards To Stop Ricing GTA, *COUGH COUGH* FUCKING MARKO.

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