Friday, May 16, 2008

New Mod

Hey Its My New Mod xD. Yeh Clubs Silvia, Modded, New Paint Job To. Looks Nice.

Thank You Lostprophet For Mapping PJ xD
-New PJ

-Bigger Exausht

-Little Modded Bumper


Thursday, May 1, 2008

Stay Or Go...

Hi Guys Well I've Been Playing GTA SA For A While And I Recently Bought GTA IV Which Is Hella Awesome..But Im Afraid I Dont Wanna Leave You Guys On Here..But I Also Wanna Play GTA IV But Hopefully. I Can See You Guys Joyfully Playing GTA IV With Me On There MP But If You Guys Stay In The GTA SA Community You Might Have Small Chances Seeing Me Play GTA SAMP Once In A While Here On SA But I Gotta Say GTA IV Is Really Awesome And I Wish It Came To PC So I Could Keep Contact With You Guys Hopefully Playing Too And Living The Life We Had With GTA SA But Dont Worry GTA VC Is Still Popular And That Didnt Die When GTA SA Came Out To Dominate...Well Kinda LOL. But Still.....Maybe GTA SA Will Be Like GTA VC Stay Popular And Fun Im Just Saying As A Final Stay On GTA SA With My Friends? Or Go Play With GTA IV MP With My GTA SA Budds And Enjoy Life As We Did With GTA SA MP? Stay? Or Go? You Tell Me On The Shoutbox...