Saturday, September 27, 2008

R30 Pole? :o

Well Since Me And Shadow Are Small Modders I Decided To See What The Public Thinks :0!
I Made A Pole Of Who Thinks Who R30 Is Bettor ;D This Isnt A Insult To Shadow, Just To See What I Need To Improve On ;)

My R30:
Shadowdrifters R30:

Okay Baii!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

New Posteh Of R3urteh

Well Another New Day. Another New Update A Few Updates From The Old One
Took Of Hood Stripe
New Front Bumper Edited From Stock Again
New Reflection On Car
New Reflection On Windows
Put Some Wantanabes On The R30 Which Looks Hawt (Credits Go To Fujiwara And GRID) ;D
And Lastly,I Scratch Made My Idea For Some Lights. I Call Them "Spherical 3D's" lol.
But Anyway I Did It For Beto, I Dont Like to Steal,I Like My Own Style,


Sunday, September 14, 2008

R30 Again?

Ya Bish's New R30.
Ya Im In SD Naoz. x)
SO Anyways I Just Wanted To Show U My Project I Have Worked On For A Long Time.
I Have Passed Out On This Project So Many Times,
But Its Back And Almost Final,
Its Very Extrordiary For R30's in GTA.
Most Are Riced.Most Are Shit.Most Are Ugly.
But I MAde Mine Nothing Like That.
No Rice.
Pure R30 Racing Car.
I Tried Making It To Stick Out From All The R30's Containing The No Rice Factor.
Heres The Stuff I Have Done.
New Remodeled from Stock Bumper

New Remodeled Back Bumper From Stock

Edited Chassis

New Old School 3 Spoke Rims (just temporary as my wheels are getting made for scratch on final version)

New Interior

Along With Switched To Right Hand Drive

New Seats

New Guages Edited Boot

One Of My Favorites Are The Edited Bonnet

Edited Grill And Texture

New Bumper Textures

Carboned Part Of Exhaust

Edited The Fenders

New MoMo Steering Wheel

Edited Headlights To "Ring" Headlights

Added "LED" And "Circle" Taillights

Added New Plate For Front

Deleted Old Plates

Edited Side Skirts For Deeping

Made A Realistic R30 Line For Drifting And Sakina
(Based Off Stock Elegy)

Added Black Trim

Edited Inner Front Lights

Took Off Emblem Decals On Trunk

Soon More Shit On Final Version. Mkay Bai : O: O